Winter body care tips

Winter Body Care Tips

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The skin is the largest organ of the body, adult skin accounts for about 16% of body weight, while the facial skin only accounts for 3% of it, winter skin dehydration is systemic, and only the maintenance of the face is far from enough. After all, the aging speed of the body's skin is not slower than the face!

 Winter body care tips

01 winter, the body's skin's darkest hour

Every winter is a time of skin crisis. Due to the lower temperatures in winter, the moisture content in the air decreases, and the sebum secretion rate of the skin decreases, resulting in dry skin. Many people who take off their fall clothes will "clamor" flaky skin, accompanied by the feeling of itching all over the body.

 Winter body care tips

In addition, chicken skin (chicken skin) and snakeskin muscle (scaly skin) will also be aggravated in winter.

Nearly 40% of adults suffer from chicken skin, which is known as keratosis pilaris, a kind of keratin plug formed by the excessive thickening of keratin at the mouth of the hair follicle. In winter, the symptoms of chicken skin become more pronounced as the skin's metabolism slows down and the keratin gets thicker.

Scaly skin is a lattice-like fibrous pattern on the lower leg that looks like snakeskin. As the sebaceous glands on the lower legs are less distributed and lack oil secretion, it is easier to dry than other parts, once the winter, many people on the legs of the snakeskin muscle will appear.

02 Winter body skin care strategy

For all winter skin problems, the solution is very simple, the following several methods can let you in the winter to regain the tender white good skin.


Step1 refuse hot bath

Most people like to take hot baths in winter, but hot baths hurt the skin because the high water temperature will damage the sebaceous film on the surface of the skin, resulting in the loss of intercellular lipids, skin moisture evaporation accelerated, so that the body will become dry and tight. So when bathing, the water temperature should be controlled at about 37 ℃, and the length of the bath is also best to control within 10 minutes.

 refuse hot bath

Step2 do not over-cleaning / exfoliation

In addition, pay attention to the water temperature, and do not covet excessive warmth and too hot water bathing, in winter bathing also does not have to be too diligent, and should not be strong cleaning, excessive cleaning oil will make the skin dry, will wash away the body surface is much less sebum and natural moisturizing factors so that the skin becomes dry and itchy no luster. The right approach is to reduce the number of baths, control the water temperature, and use mild foamy bath products to reduce irritation.


Step3 Apply body lotion

After the shower must be applied body lotion. When choosing a body lotion, it is best to pick a product that contains ingredients such as argan oil, shea butter oil, hyaluronic acid, and VE to moisturize our dry skin more effectively. With the care of these ingredients, the body's skin will become hydrated, radiant, and glowing.

In addition, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (ADD), it is best to apply body lotion within the golden 3 minutes after taking a shower. This is when the skin is still moist and there are small droplets of water or steam on the surface, which will facilitate the absorption of the body lotion. In terms of dosage, do not apply less than 15ml of body lotion each time, which is the amount that can be squeezed out to cover the entire palm of your hand.

For the lower legs, elbows, knees, waist, and hips, where the sebaceous glands are less distributed, you need to apply several times. Especially in the calf area, apply more thickly to reduce the condition of the snakeskin muscle.

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