Steps of evening care

Steps of evening care

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With skincare routines that sometimes contain many steps, it's easy to mix up different applications in the wrong order of product application. The order of application has an effect on the penetration of the active ingredients and therefore on the benefits of these products in the long term. Thus we created an article to position your application of products which makes it possible to “seal” the active ingredients. Following is the evening routine that you should follow.

First step

Double cleansing to help your skin regenerate better by ridding it of all impurities and dead cells.

Make-up remover

The make-up remover is the most effective in dissolving all fatty substances (excess sebum, pollution, sun filters, make-up). It will act like a “magnet” by hooking up all these impurities. A good make-up remover makes it possible to cleanse and purify the skin without altering its hydrolipidic film.


Cleansing is the second key step, which complements the make-up removal. Cleansing allows to perfect the purification of the skin without attacking it. It also helps to retain skin effectiveness and restore the skin barrier.

Second step

The lotion to prepare your skin optimally for treatment


The lotion is applied just after the double cleansing in the evening, or directly in the morning as the first step of treatment. In particular, it makes it possible to target skin concerns while preparing the skin for the rest of the care. Lotion rich in Vitamin C targets complexion radiance and uneven skin texture. It promotes cellular regeneration of the skin. If you tend to have excess sebum and large pores, lotion is the solution. It smooths the skin texture and tightens the pores.

Third step


The serum is generally ultra-concentrated inactive ingredients and allows in-depth action on a targeted problem. If you have a dull, uneven complexion, our anti-greyness serum will act as a radiance booster. Result: brighter skin, reduced redness and a more even complexion. If your skin feels tight, flaky (peeling patches of skin) and is uncomfortable, opt for Vitamin C serum instead. This serum promotes skin radiance and maintains supple skin.

Fourth step

Eye cream

An important and often neglected step, the eye area is one of the most fragile areas of the face. Indeed, the skin is extremely thin around the eye. In addition to this fragility, it is one of the most stressed areas since we blink our eyes all day long. To prevent fine lines and wrinkles from appearing in this area, we recommend that you apply an eye cream that will plump and smooth the eye area. 

Fifth step

Day/night cream

The cream helps restore skin comfort while also delivering active ingredients. Depending on your skin type, it will be more or less rich and according to your concerns more or less concentrated in active ingredients.

Vitamin C Glowing Face Cream For Antioxidant And Giving Skin A Firm Radiant

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