How To Get Perfectly Lovely Puckered Lips

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Chapped and cracked lips look ugly on your face. Do you pay a lot of attention to your facial skin and ignore your lips? This is a stupid thing to do because your lip is part of your skin and therefore deserves attention too. An uncared-for lip can destroy the total outlook of your face and demean your skincare effort. There is no particular set time for giving your lip the attention it deserves. You should care for your lips every day especially during dry and cold weather conditions like winter. Immoderate wind and heat may cause lip chapping. Luckily, in this article, you will discover several procedures that can help retain the smoothness and softness of your lips. 

The procedure lip routine can restore your lip to its former glory under any condition.


Caring for your lips

The lip is the only skin in human physiology that lacks sebaceous glands. These glands help to create oil which assists in moisturizing and softening the skin. Do you habitually lick your skin lips? When you lick the lips it is a habit you probably formed as a result of constant lip dryness. Performing a constant lip care routine eliminates the possibility of lips dryness and the need to lick, pick or bite your lips. Dry lip causes discomfort and the natural reaction to it is lip licking. 

top wetting your lip with your tongue because it leads to more dryness. Besides causing more dryness, it can trigger yeast growth leading to hurtful swelling at the angle of your lips. The secret to developing a lovely lip is constant moisturizing with lip care products. If your lip dryness is severe, try exfoliating 1 to 2 times weekly.

Exfoliation of the lips is not needed for healthy skin. But because the lip tends to flakiness and dryness, apply soft exfoliation to smoothen the bumpy spot.


Lip care routine procedure 

In this session, you will learn lip skin habits in two parts, exfoliation, and hydration. However, you should only apply exfoliation if your lip is prone to cracking and chapping.


Lip care routine: Hydrating

When you feel dryness on your lips, avoid licking it, instead apply a balm on your lip. You can use your fingers or an applicator to rub a hydrating balm on your lip. When shopping for a lip hydrating product, ensure it has sun protection and a moisturizing agent on it. Apply balm 2 to 4 times daily depending on the severity of the lip dryness.






Exfoliate lip care procedure routine

The next lip care routine is exfoliation. To assist in removing flaking dry skin cells and return softness, glow, and smoothness to your lips, apply a scrub agent on your fingertips and rub on your lips gently in circular motions for 30 seconds. After massaging for 30 seconds, leave it on for 10 minutes for proper absorption on your lips. 

After 10 minutes, use warm water to wash off the scrub product. Always apply a lip balm after exfoliating to retain moisture and calm the lips.

Biting, picking, or licking your lip can trigger problems and worsen an already bad condition, so avoid it.



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