How Do the Influencers On INS Feel About Neutriherbs: Part Four

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In this blog, We'll share with you the influencers’ thought about our NEW ARRIVALS - Neutriherbs Lighten Skin Series. And we will continue to update this series. You could know more about Neutriherbs in this series and get exclusive discount codes.


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Gisele Garcia From USA (INS ID: gisele.garcia18)


This is from Gisele who received the Neutriherbs package and shared her feelings about using AHA Serum and Lighten Skin Cream.


Gisele: Hello guys! I don’t normally make these kind of feeling share, so I think that’s why I probably won’t be good at this.


But I recently got a package from Neutriherbs and they sent me a AHA Serum and a Lighten Skin Face Cream. I just have a fresh face and there’s no makeup on. I just washed it and we’re gonna apply the products so this is the first product.


It’s the Lightened Skin Face Cream and it’s complexion correcting and diminishes dark spots, this is works for all skin types especially those that have dark spots or just want to even at their skin which I’m sure everyone wants nice even skin. And they have upgrade the formulation comparing to the original version with adding Symwhite 377 in it, one of the most effective whitening ingredients. Just try it! Why not!


I’m just gonna get a little, just kind of dot it around my face and than use your fingers to rub it on your face in a circular motion to allow it to be better absorbed into the skin, just blend it around. I like the consistency because it doesn’t make my face feel super oily but it is definitely not drying at all, and I think it did even on my skin tone. Maybe with more use I’ll be able to tell.


But also something I don’t really use like face products or something that I like is that it doesn’t really have like a scent to it. Because the scent, then it kind of like gives me headaches. And then I realizing, Neutriherbs did a good job on that and why I don’t tell you guys. There is no fragrance added, only the smell of the natural ingredients extracts on their products.


All right, now onto the next product, AHA serum. This one is a mild exfoliator for smoother firmer skin, restore elasticity and it’s a serum with aloe vera which is perfect for the summertime. The aloe vera can also help you Soothe the skin when this serum helps to exfoliate your skin.


It’s packaging is well, there were no leaks that is nice and clean looking. I think a couple drops to the face is enough and just use finger rub it in! Well it also has, like a pretty clean smell to it too. And it feels nice and fresh on my skin, especially like after being at beach and just like getting a sunburn honestly. This would be feel nice and like cooling!


This is all the content, I hope it can help you!



Hannah Shahzad From England (INS ID: lowkeyy.hs )




A: Yes! Why not! Hi guys, I’m Hannah. I am grateful to Neu for giving me the opportunity to try their new pre-sale product, Lighten Skin Cream. I remember they had a whitening cream before, but this is their upgraded version with one of the most effective whitening ingredients, Symwhite 377. This lighten skin cream is different from the whitening products on the market, NEU focuses on safe and effective lightening up within 14 days, without using any ingredients that bleach your skin. And also without allergy-causing ingredients for more peace of mind.


I use this product of theirs these days before I go out to do my makeup during the day. This cream has a very light texture that melts instantly on the skin and brings instant glow and radiance. It can be used in place of a makeup prep and makes the skin very smooth, but you still have to remember to take good sun protection.


The formula is newly upgraded and also cheaper than the original whitening cream. NEU's lighten skin cream is a good choice for those who want to even out their skin tone and bring a glow to their skin.




A: Oh, I am also using your niacinamide serum. Niacinamide serum also can help soothe skin, relieve redness and fade acne marks. But this is more suitable for oily skin, it actively controls excess oil on the face, minimize the pores and prevent breakouts.

We look forward to more and more people joining us at Neutriherbs, using our products, and giving us more opinions. We want to challenge the industry standards for product formulation in our own way. Do you want to be one of us? Contact us!


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