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Neutriherbs® is a brand of Amarrie Cosmetics Co., Ltd. The best affordable, natural and safety skincare brand, Neutriherbs offers some of the trendy and top-rated skin care lines and markets products in over 40 countries. Neutriherbs Skin Care line including face serum, face mask, moisturizer, essential Oil, weight Loss Wraps, etc.

If you own or manage a Boutique, Spa, Salon, Wellness Center, or Online Retail Store. Perfect! Do you believe everyone deserves quality skin care products made with effective, non-toxic ingredients and with affordable price? We do too!

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Best Skin Care Brand-To Inspire Confident and Beauty! Choose Neutriherbs, Best Choice To Grow Your Business.stributors.


Our Wholesale FAQ has answers to some of the most common questions.

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