FAQ-Neutriherbs 24K Gold Series

1. How does your gold collagen face mask works?
ANS: Our gold mask contain nano gold, it’s a good carrier, when it apply on face, it can improve skin's blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, let the pore open and the natural herbs extract and collagen can easily be absorbed by skin, replenishing lost collagen and giving your skin an immediately soft and moisturized appearance with elasticity.

2. Does your gold mask have any anti-aging clinic test?
ANS: For the clinic test for 'anti-aging & lifting', this kind of laboratory testing, we don’t have it; because we hardly could find the organization to do these testing, but we have SGS test, Microbiological Challenge test to make sure that it’s safe for skin, and we have got much good feedback from our clients.

3. Do you have any certificates for a gold mask?
ANS: SGS, MSDS, Intertek, Microbiological Challenge test.

4. Does your gold facial mask really added the 24K gold?
ANS: Yes, it is nanogold.

5. Can your collagen absorb by skin?
ANS: Our collagen is plant-collagen. His role is to form a special film, lock the essence.

6. What is the function of the Gold Series?
ANS:Anti aging, anti-wrinkle, firming and lifting.

7. Can your gold absorb by skin?
ANS: Gold itself did not improve the skin effect. Some skin care product add gold flake, mainly in order to strengthen the functions of nutrients.

8. What is different from another facial mask?
ANS: Firstly, the biggest difference is material. The gold facial mask is a gel. Gold facial mask by high temperature then cooling molding. So it can lock-in effective ingredients. Secondly, the function is different from another facial mask, the gold facial mask can prevent the skin relaxation, stimulate the underlying cell growth and skin more tightening. Moreover, the gold facial mask can reduce the skin damage caused by ultraviolet ray, inhibit melanin formation.

9. Why can gold anti-aging?
ANS: Gold has detoxification, calm, clean and anti-wrinkle function, after using the skin recombinant cytokines and promote the physiology, metabolism, balance oil secretion, maintain moisture。

10. Is heavy metal harmful to skin?
ANS: Yes. But if Gold through nanotechnology processing, and add into a Gold facial mask. It can Use its own negative ions to combine with skin and to start generating new collagen, fill the intercellular space so it is not harmful to the skin.

11. Can you sleep in a gold mask?
ANS: No. This is a very wet, soft mask that is worn for about 30 minutes. It is thrown away after a single use. Because it's so wet, dripping out of the packaging, and its very flimsy, sleeping with this mask overnight is virtually impossible.