What's the Difference Between Toner, Essence, and Serum?

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Many of us were raised knowing the meaning of toner. It is popularly defined as the skincare step taken after using the cleanser to get the skins PH balance back and most times to clean out the dirt that was cleaned completely by your cleanser. Most cleansers available today are softer than before. Based on this development, experts advise us that we might not need to use toners anymore as the cleansers today do a lot of work already. This does not mean that if you already like adding toners to your routine that you should take it out. It is still good, you can never get too clean, just do you.

Toners use to be very annoying products because of the alcohol used to make them and their over-drying behavior. There are different kinds of toners available on the market, there are hydrating, oil-controlling, and brightening toners. You have to select the one that suits your needs and your skin type. Toners are usually added to a particular line of skincare brands. Toners are mostly picked with respect to whatever suits the user and his or her needs.



Essence and toner are often mistaken, but they are two very different things. Essence looks a lot like toner mostly because they are both applied in the same way, both are applied after cleansing. The only difference is essence has a serum-like nature in the sense that they have the same composure although serums possess more ingredients than essence does. Essence may have one or more active ingredients but they are never as concentrated as the active ingredients that are present in serum.

Mainly, the job of the essence is to prepare the skin for the next procedure in your skincare routine and aid in the rejuvenating process. Rejuvenation of the skin is whereby your skin replenishes itself. It is done by removing the top layer of the dead skin and letting good fresh skin make you sparkle. When you have a dull or skin that isn’t radiant, most times, it is because of the process getting slowed down as it renews. Whenever the process is slowed down, it leads to the accumulation of dead skin and not allowing your skin to glow.

Essence sometimes has a watery nature, while sometimes it could be thicker, thicker than a toner. It comes most times in bigger tube.



Like we said before, serums are similar to essence with one difference, serums can sustain higher concentrated active ingredients. Both of them can be useful in your routine, also, you can decide to choose one. Just do you. There are serums available for treating premature wrinkles and aging, brightening, acne, uneven skin tone, and hydration.


In Summary

We can now see that toner isn’t essence and vice versa, we have also seen that serum and essence are similar but the serum is  habitat for higher concentrated active ingredients. Naturally, you don’t need all these things in your skincare routine, just two will get the job done.

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