Skin Exfoliation: how to exfoliate your skin the right way

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Exfoliation is a vital aspect of the skincare routine. It is so important that it provides primary and secondary benefits for the skin. Meaning: apart from the original benefits it provides, the result makes way for other ingredients to work effectively on the skin (Secondary benefit).

Fundamentally,  skin exfoliation helps to remove dead skin and goes deeper into the skin cells expel dirt, oils, and another pollutant. Millions of skin cells die daily and accumulate on the skin. Exfoliation is the legal and most potent way to eliminate these dead cells and prevent build-up that could lead to skin blemishes, breakouts, acne, blackheads, etc. The outcome of a proper exfoliation process will not only get rid of dead skin cells and other waste, but it will also leave your skin looking new, refreshed, baby soft, and lovely to touch.

Now to the secondary benefits: The process of eliminating waste and sloughing away damaged skin cells, prepping the skin to receive other skincare routine applications to work their magic extraordinarily on the skin.

Types of exfoliators

The two types of exfoliators include chemical and physical exfoliators. The two do their job but in dissimilar ways.

Physical exfoliator

It executes the job with visible scrubbing properties. The scrubbing agent includes nuts or powdered substance like baking soda that performs the exfoliation effect properly when used on the face. You have the option to use cleansing brushes, fingertips, and mitts. The process of scrubbing the face boosts blood circulation and makes your face glow leaving a silky and smooth feel.

Chemical exfoliator

Using chemical exfoliators for the job involves employing the use of skincare ingredients with chemical elements like AHAs and BHAs.

AHAs like glycolic acid work by upsetting damaged skin cell ties, making it easy to dislodge them from the skin. AHAs are soluble in water making them an excellent option for dry and sensitive skin.

AHA Serum


With a blend of glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, this night serum takes away the aged horniness, speed up skin's metabolism, shrink the look of pores and slow down melanin deposit to keep skin smooth bright, and charming. Furthermore, natural plant extracts- Calendula and Chamomile, powerful hydrating hyaluronic acid help to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier and soothe the skin. Only one step, make your skin significantly firm, soft, and restore elasticity.


BHAs, like salicylic acid, are oil-soluble and therefore good for oily and acne-prone skin individuals. The oil base nature of BHA makes it penetrate oily follicles to reach deep into the skin to perform its exfoliating magic.

Using both acids, BHAs and AHAs

For more effective results you can use a skincare product that contains both acids. The result is beyond exceptional and it includes pigmentation lightening, large pore reductions, wrinkles, and fine lines softening, and improved skin flares.

How to use a chemical exfoliator

Chemical exfoliator like glycolic or salicylic acid is applied to the skin and left to work on the skin without washing it off. Read the guide that comes with the product to avoid misuse of the ingredients. You can apply it by simply massaging it on your face, and thereafter rubbing your favorite moisturizer and other product immediately to benefit from the enhanced absorption benefits.

How to use physical or scrubs exfoliator 

Before applying scrubbing agents (e.g., almond powder) on the face, wet it first, and then take a nickel-sized portion of the scrub to rub in your skin. Massage the scrub in circular movements and wash off with tepid water. Before applying the scrubbing agent, find out if the product guide tells how long you can leave the ingredient before washing off.

Like chemical exfoliators, apply other skincare routines after exfoliation to take advantage of the exfoliation benefits.


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