Best sunscreen: Understand sunscreen options

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Ever Changing climate all around the world and a number of other environment based factors are making this world hotter day by day. Glaciers are melting, regions that were considered cold since ages are heating up to an alarming level. Sunrays have never been so cruel to the inhabitants of the earth. In such a scenario the first thing one has to do is protect skin from the sunrays. Even if the weather is not so hot in your region, you still need some protection from the direct rays of the sun.

 Why Sunscreen is Important?

Why, obviously the hot burning sun will burn your skin, darken your complexion and if you carry on baring your naked skin to the sun, you can keep on inviting skin diseases that may end in skin cancer. Hence proved, sun protection is very important. And sunscreen is the best option to do that. You can’t keep yourself limited to your home, at some point you have to get out in the direct sun rays. All you have to do is to put on sunscreen and keep yourself safe from these ultraviolet sun rays.

 How to Choose Sunscreen?

But, there is a catch, just putting on sunscreen, any sunscreen, means ultimate protection? There are two factors to consider here. Protection from the sun and protection from the after effects of the sunscreen. There are a number of wrong theories regarding the selection of sunscreen circulating. You can’t go for a sunscreen based on the manufacturing brand. If a brand has high quality beauty /skin products, it doesn't mean it will have the best sunscreen as well.


If a sunscreen has no side effects on your friend, it doesn’t mean it’s safe for you either. You have your own skin type, it can be oily dry or sensitive.  First of all you need to select a sunscreen based on your skin type. A good sunscreen company will always keep such factors in mind. And it will mention all the details regarding the skin type etc on the product label. Applying sunscreen for dry skin on an oily skin can result in acne and open pore. So you need to be choosy about the sunscreen you go for.


Another major blunder people do in selecting the sunscreen is going for higher SPF value. The general speculation in people is, higher SPF level means more protection. That’s not correct, actually a higher SPF level means over protection. Any sunscreen with a higher SPF level can overexpose the consumer to UVA rays. That means the risk of cancer and other skin diseases. So go for a mild level SPF value, SPF 30 is the perfect value. And anything above SPF 50 is dangerous for your skin.


Also checkout the ingredients of the sunscreen. If it;s all natural, it’s perfect. As it won’t be causing any side effects. A good sunscreen contains vitamin C, vitamin E, it absorbs into your skin, and it contains antioxidants to protect your skin properly. 

So take your time in the selection of a good sunscreen that can protect yourself from UVA rays and keep your complexion fair and leave no side effects. And once you find a suitable sunscreen for your skin, you should buy bulk sunscreen to save money and keep it in your stock. As in summer season good products are sold in bulk and they normally get out of stock.

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