Skin care products that contain urea have proven to be particularly effective.

Dry skin in winter

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Preventing dry skin in winter - this is how it works: Dry skin in winter causes unpleasant tightness, itching, and tingling. With the proper care, you can prevent these symptoms and ensure that your skin feels good and looks healthy everywhere. You can get a large selection of products for the skin on the face and body today.


When it comes to facial care, you should opt for a cream with a high sun protection factor of more than 30 if you ski or otherwise expose yourself to the sun for a long time, even in the cold season.


The best thing to do in winter is to apply lotion to your body and face after every wash or shower. Your stressed hands and feet deserve a large portion of extra care with a rich cream. If you follow these tips, winter will be fun for your skin too!

This is how your skin gets through the winter

Itchy and tight skin, especially on the face, calves, and upper arms? Surely you know these complaints that occur regularly in the cold season. Radiant air and icy temperatures are your skin's declared enemies in winter. Luckily, there's a lot you can do to alleviate these problems. In addition to careful care with high-quality products, compliance with various rules of conduct helps to keep your face and body skin soft and supple even in these difficult times.


The constant alternation between warm air in heated indoor rooms and the cold outside puts a lot of strain on the skin. On the one hand, this is due to the low humidity in the apartment and outdoors on many wintry days. On the other hand, human skin stops producing sebum as soon as the thermometer drops below eight degrees. As a result, cracked and dry areas form, preferably where there are only a few sebaceous glands anyway. This is the case in these skin regions:


  • elbow
  • upper arms
  • shines
  • the back
  • cheeks
  • bottom of the feet

 body lotion help hydrate your skin

The typical skin problems that occur not only limit your well-being or your external appearance. They can also endanger your health: severely dried out and cracked skin loses its protective function so that pathogens can easily play and can lead to inflammation. For this reason, you should ensure with appropriate care that the natural skin barrier is consistently maintained even in unfavorable weather.


Your hands are exposed to exceptionally high-stress levels during the cold season: careful hand hygiene is never more important than in winter when pathogens such as the flu virus are in peak season. However, frequent hand washing, as is strongly recommended for hygienic reasons, dries out sensitive skin even more. Only one thing helps Cream, cream, and cream again. So that you don't forget to take care of your hands, place a cream dispenser next to the sink in the bathroom.


Tip: As with liquid soap, hand cream dispensers that release a portion at the push of a button have also proven their worth. With these practical cream dispensers, unlike with a can, you avoid direct skin contact so that there can be no contamination with germs.


In winter, you naturally sweat less - perhaps you can get used to  ​​showering every other day instead of every day? This will significantly favor your skin as it will dry out less. Nevertheless, it is essential to cream them thoroughly after cleaning. Exclusive body lotions and creams rich in moisturizing ingredients come into consideration for this. A higher proportion of fat is indispensable. The same applies to the face cream. In winter sports, this should also have a sufficiently high sun protection factor.


Tip: Skin care products that contain urea have proven to be particularly effective. This substance, also known as urea, has proven its worth in sub-zero temperatures, like panthenol.



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