Best anti-aging tips: This helps against wrinkles

Best anti-aging tips: This helps against wrinkles

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Everyone has wrinkles. We need wrinkles to express our faces through facial expressions. The only problem: wrinkles that frame our smiles deepen over time. This also applies to thought lines on the forehead, the nasolabial fold between the nose and mouth, or crow's feet on the eyes.

Antiaging in everyday life: how it works  

To keep your skin young, take anti-aging measures from 30 at the latest. In this post, we bring you the best natural and minimally invasive anti-aging tips that help fight wrinkles.


Thorough cleaning of the skin

Instead of immediately relying on medical interventions, you should try gentle remedies and preventive measures to help your skin regenerate. Of course, this includes thorough skin cleansing - in the morning and the evening.


Before going to bed, you should remove all make-up residues such as foundation, mascara, and lipstick to give your skin air to breathe again.


You don't wear any make-up at all? Even then, reach for the cleansing gel every day because makeup is not the only culprit that can damage your skin in the long term. Aggressive ingredients in cosmetic products, such as alcohol and fragrances, remove moisture and attack your skin's protective film. In addition, there are environmental influences such as free radicals and bacteria that get onto our faces via our hands.


That's why it's essential to cleanse your skin every day and remove all deposits - for example, with a microfine foam cleanser with a fresh effect, an oil-based cleansing balm ('Cleansing Balm'), or reusable make-up remover pads. If old skin cells, sebum, and dirt are removed, your skin can regenerate - and it also absorbs the nourishing ingredients of creams and serums better. A win-win situation!


Sun protection - not only in summer

We recommend using sun protection all year round. Because contrary to what is often wrongly assumed, UV rays do not take a break even in winter. Excessive exposure to the sun accelerates skin aging at any time of the year, promotes the formation of free radicals, and promotes the breakdown of collagen.


In addition, every sunburn causes lasting damage to your cell structure and accelerates the formation of wrinkles - so you should regularly apply UV protection cream, especially in summer. Anti-inflammatory creams, moisturizing after-sun products, or cooling showers offer first aid for sunburn.


A moisturizing day cream with a sun protection factor helps prevent wrinkles and is easy to integrate into everyday life as an anti-aging routine.


Adequate sleep and recovery periods

Sufficient sleep and regular recovery phases are also crucial for wrinkle-free skin. This an anti-aging tip that is easier said than done - after all, the stress of everyday work burdens us all.


Nevertheless: Sufficient and sound sleep is essential for young, radiant skin. Eight to nine hours a night is recommended. During these hours, the production of interleukins - messenger substances in the immune system cells - is stimulated, and growth hormones are released.


Vitamin-rich, low-sugar diet and enough water

Not only sleep but also diet affects the quality of our skin. We need healthy foods to build collagen fibers that strengthen connective tissue and keep it elastic. For beautiful skin from the inside, you should eat hazelnuts, flaxseed, pepperoni, cabbage, and avocado, for example - these contain vitamins C and E and have an antioxidant effect.


Equally important: is beta-carotene. The precursor of the A vitamin promotes the light tolerance of the skin. It is found in carrots, beetroot, and spinach.


For bread or pasta, you should use the whole grain variety because of the high magnesium content. The magnesium ensures that cell walls remain stable—the result: is firm skin and a smooth, even epidermis. Also, make sure you drink enough. Adequate fluid intake of at least 2.5 liters daily is necessary to prevent wrinkles.


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