When And How To Apply Body lotion

When And How To Apply Body lotion

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Do you forget to apply body lotion in your daily beauty routine? We hope not, because the benefits of applying a quality lotion all over your body are countless. Today we want to tell you when it is most recommended to apply it and in what way, since choosing your lotions well and having a good body care routine will determine the efficiency of the products. Let's go there!

When to apply body lotion?

There are two key moments in which your skin absorbs the body lotion better, these are: after the shower and at night, before going to sleep.


After the shower, the skin is more sensitive, since you have applied soap and perhaps even used a sponge to exfoliate. So that your skin recovers its usual hydration, after taking a shower and drying yourself well, it is the most ideal time to apply a body lotion or moisturising emulsion that is responsible for stabilising the natural moisture of your skin.


On the other hand, some other times are suitable to apply, which is before going to sleep, so the lotion can act throughout the night. This is especially interesting now that summer is coming and you can show off your legs.

How to apply body lotion?

The body lotion is designed to be applied to the entire body except for the face, however, the way it is applied to each area of ​​the body will make it more or less effective. Discover how to apply body lotion to different areas of the body.


On Legs

If you are thinking of applying a cold gel treatment for tired legs, then you should apply it in an upward direction. That is, start at the ankles and make circular movements, spreading the lotion towards the knees until completely absorbed. For the thighs, do the same; in the outer area of ​​the hip, where the famous “cartridge bags” are, make energetic circular movements to heat the area, improve circulation and, therefore, the absorption and effectiveness of your lotion.


On Joints

Applying lotion to the joints is essential to achieve a smooth texture and healthy-looking skin. Make circular and ascending movements towards the knees, and elbows so that the body lotion penetrates well.


On Abdomen

If you want to have a beautiful abdomen with shiny and smooth skin, do not forget to apply body lotion to this part of the body. How to do it? Perform a circular massage with both hands in a clockwise direction and thus activate your circulation, draining and eliminating toxins.


On Chest

Massage from the sternum towards the armpit with both hands so that the lotion is absorbed under the breast. Then, also apply the body lotion to your chest with circular movements.


On Neckline

To show off a beautiful neckline in summer and to look radiant and hydrated, you should apply lotion from the centre of the breasts to the shoulders in an upward direction. Next, make gentle circular movements, without exaggeratedly moving your chest. This skin is finer than the rest and you should treat it more carefully.


On Arms

From shoulders to wrists, apply body lotion in circular motions. Focus especially on the part of the triceps and elbows, since these are usually areas that tend to dry out excessively.


Find your right body lotion

Today you can find body lotions in multiple formats so you can choose the one you like best. If you usually opt for light lotions, opt for one in gel form, while if you need extra hydration and nutrition there are denser lotions and if the lotion is of quality, the results can be very satisfactory.




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