What are the benefits of proper skin care?

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Why do people need skin care? No matter whether men or women, they all want to stay young forever. Although our skin has a certain self-healing ability, with the increase of age, slower metabolism, climate change, environment, and many other factors, if we do not take care of our skin in time There are many problems with the skin. Appearance may be innate to everyone, but skin care can improve the appearance gap between people through acquired. Skincare is not just about being beautiful, it is about keeping your skin healthy through skin care. So what are the benefits of proper skin care?

1. First, skin care can keep the skin healthy, such as sun protection to prevent sunburn, and hydration to reduce dryness and chapped skin.

Vitamin C Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 With Double UV Protection
Sunscreen is a kind of skin care method. Only by paying attention to sunscreen, the skin will not be easily tanned and sunburned. If you don’t pay attention to your skincare in autumn and winter, your skin will be dry and dehydrated, and even chapped. How to choose a sunscreen? Generally speaking, if you just commute to work, and you basically work indoors during the day, you can choose SPF 30 sunscreen. If it is an outdoor activity, it is recommended to choose a sunscreen with SPF50, which will be stronger. Sunscreens are divided into physical sunscreens and chemical sunscreens. Both have their pros and cons. Physical sunscreens are too fake, muddy, and difficult to apply. Chemical sunscreens are too irritating for people with sensitive skin or skin problems.

Here, we recommend consumers choose a sunscreen that combines physical and chemical products, which avoids the false whiteness of physical sunscreens and avoids the irritation of chemical sunscreens. It is suitable for all skin types. Sunscreen can not only prevent sunburn and sunburn, but more importantly, it can prevent sunburn! So no matter how lazy you are, sun protection must be done well!

When the seasons change in autumn and winter, many people will feel that their skin is itchy, dry, or even peeling. This is because the climate and temperature change greatly and the skin condition is unstable, so it is easy to have dry skin and other problems at this time. This is suitable for us. Choose hydrating and moisturizing products to use, such as hyaluronic acid cream, featuring 4D hyaluronic acid, which penetrates layer by layer and moisturizes from the inside out. At the same time, it can also be used with a mask, 2 to 3 times a week, and choose a mask with different effects according to individual skin needs. If you just have dry skin, choose a hydrating mask. For seasonal allergies, opt for a soothing mask, such as the Centella Asiatica mask. If you feel that it is still not moisturizing enough, it is recommended to use a facial oil. Even if you have dry skin, you can get a good moisturizing effect and make your skin more radiant. Facial care is important, and body care is equally important. In autumn and winter, body lotion/body oil is a "must-have". If you are looking for a refreshing feeling, you can use body lotion alone; but if you have dry skin and feel that body lotion is not enough To moisturize, you can use body oil (either alone or in combination with body lotion and body oil)!

2. Second, skin care can prevent premature aging of the skin and make people look younger and more energetic!

prevent premature aging of the skin and make people look younger and more energetic!

Some people are "old and not old", while others are "aging before they get old". Only by focusing on skin care can we prevent premature aging of the skin, insist on skincare, and keep the skin alive, so that people can look younger.

With the advent of the era of effective skin care, everyone is no stranger to vitamin C and retinol. I must have heard of the skin care formula of "morning C and evening A". What does "morning C late A" mean? Use VC skin care products with antioxidant protection function in the morning, and VA products with anti-aging repair function in the evening. The scientific basis for this skin care formula is based on a theory of "the circadian rhythm of the skin".

Our skin protects itself during the day and repairs itself at night. Why use VC during the day and VA at night? First of all, because VC has no photosensitivity, it can be used during the day and night, but it is better to use it as an anti-oxidant during the day (resisting free radical damage to the skin is called anti-oxidation, and ultraviolet rays are the biggest external cause of free radicals). The benefits of using VC during the day can not only inhibit the production of melanin to achieve a certain whitening and even skin tone, but also play an antioxidant role, reduce the damage of free radicals to the skin, and more importantly, promote the growth of collagen, which can play a role in promoting the growth of collagen. Certain anti-aging effects. Use VA at night because VA has photosensitivity, which will cause the skin barrier to be more fragile and more prone to tanning and sunburn.

The benefits are the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and the minimization of premature aging caused by sun exposure. VA also supports natural collagen production and faster cell turnover, resulting in visibly smoother, younger-looking skin. However, it should be noted here that if you are using VA products for the first time, you need to establish tolerance. For the first time, start with low-concentration products, about once a week, do not use acid products at the same time, and strictly do sunscreen work. Pay attention to Hydrating and hydrating.

3. Third, proper skin care can increase people's self-confidence and make people more attractive.

proper skin care can increase people's self-confidence and make people more attractive.
Appearance is innate, but the quality of the skin can be changed artificially. Maybe some people's natural facial features are not delicate enough, but the skin is well maintained, "one white covers three ugly", or the skin is delicate and ruddy, and so on. People will be more confident, the whole person will be more attractive, and people will be willing to get close.

No matter what age the skin is, you must do a good job of skin care, no matter what the reason, no matter what method, manage your skin, take care of yourself, and be a person who loves yourself and loves life.

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