Some Essentials for your Skin Routine

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No one is immune to the passage of age. Therefore, taking care of the skin is one of the priorities that we must have from an early age, it is the only way to reach a mature age with fewer signs. How should a correct skincare routine be?


Between theories and influencers, you could be confused about which features are the products that you need in your skincare routine. What is a universal truth is that the main variable that determines skin care needs is age.


One of the most important tips that we can give you is to complete your routine with serums: its concentrated formula will help you solve (in an agile way) the skin problems that concern you and since serums are much more powerful than a moisturiser, you can also avoid dry skin.


To get glowing skin, remember: that you need to periodically get rid of dead skin cells! And for this, a facial scrub is the most effective way, since it will allow you to regenerate skin cells, stimulate microcirculation in the facial area and, pay attention, with a scrub you will leave your skin very prepared to absorb moisturising creams and serums, eliminating dryness more effectively. Remember to exfoliate your skin at least once a week ( as we explain in this blog post ). Use the facial scrub that you prefer: either a physical one (it requires a facial massage to obtain the desired effect) or a chemical one (it will only be necessary to spread it, without the need for a massage, along the face).

Don't forget about the lips, hands and other essential parts of the body

When it comes to taking care of your lips... you have to heal them and then protect them daily. Your lip care must include a mask that exfoliates and repairs the skin of the lips, as well as a balm that, used daily, will prevent the skin from cracking. Because there is nothing more unpleasant than a dry, dull and furry smile!


When it comes to the skin of your hands… A quality moisturiser helps you hydrate the smallest and most complicated areas of the body...even to the ends of the hair after a long day in the indoor pool!


With all the products and recommendations that we have discussed today, your face and body will be ready to face any external aggressors and remain nourished and beautiful, arriving in spring and summer with a complexion of envy. Now, the key is consistent! You need to train week after week to see results, the same thing happens with your skin. Miracles do not exist, and changes do not appear overnight. But with a good routine, and the advice, you'll find that dedication pays off enormously (and radiantly)!

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