Caring the skin after holidays

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Dull complexion? Imperfections? The holidays can leave traces on our skin. That's why today, we are going to give you all of our tips for regaining beautiful skin after the holidays. Luminous complexion guaranteed!

Scrub out the dead cells

Fatty meals, alcohol, lack of sleep, these different factors can leave marks on our skin. Our complexion becomes duller, imperfections appear. To get a radiant complexion after the holidays, you can use a coffee scrub to clean your skin efficiently. This exfoliating scrub can help you regain your radiance. You can apply it in the morning or evening using your hands to massage your face. From the first application, your skin will look more luminous, and your skin texture tightened. Enriched with coffee extract, it's a real booster for your skin.


After cleaning the scrub, To continue in your quest for radiance, you can use a clay mask or serum sheet if you have dry skin. You can apply this mask once or twice a week on your face. These masks will bring sparkles to your face and oxygenate your skin. Clay masks will remove excess oils and a serum sheet will deeply moisturise your skin. Take clay masks off by rinsing them off with lukewarm water. Instantly, your skin is more radiant as if revitalised in depth. These masks are truly playful and effective.

Hydrate deeply

With the excesses of the holidays, our skin is dehydrated. It is therefore recommended to drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day to provide the necessary hydration to your body and your skin. Then, apply your favourite serum. Vitamin C is a powerful active ingredient to strengthen your skin. Moisturising and regenerating, this night serum is surely gonna become your ally to deeply strengthen your skin. With its regular use, you are gonna wake up, and your skin is hydrated, rested and luminous.  



Your eye contour also needs special attention. This fine and delicate skin requires specific moisturising products. To deeply moisturise and decongest your eyes, choose retinol eye cream. Thanks to these natural active ingredients, this eye contour smoothes, regenerates and hydrates your eye contour. Instantly, your gaze is fresher and awake.

Hide blemishes

Despite a skincare routine adapted to your skin type, some imperfections may appear. To always have a radiant complexion, you can use argan oil lotion. This lotion will unify and sublimates the complexion. Imperfections, signs of fatigue and fine lines are reduced leaving your complexion even, radiant and luminous.


You have discovered all our essentials for regaining beautiful skin after the holidays. Do not hesitate to share in the comments your favourite products to show off luminous skin after the holidays.



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