Correct Skincare Steps

Correct Skincare Steps

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  Daily skin care is a job that every girl must do every day to enhance her appearance! Adhering to daily skin care can not only make your skin better and better, but more importantly, it can greatly improve your appearance and make you more temperament! But skincare isn't as simple as washing your face and applying a moisturizer. In fact, skin care requires a lot of attention. Step-by-step skin care can allow the skin to absorb the nutrients in skin care products and avoid external stimulation. What are the correct skincare steps? Is the skincare routine the same day and night?

  The skin care, divided into morning skincare and evening skincare:
Morning skin care is mainly for better follow-up makeup, and ta can often determine the naturalness and durability of a day's makeup.

  The general order of morning skin care is: cleansing → lotion → essence → lotion/cream → sunscreen, and apply in the order of texture from light to heavy. Eye cream is relatively flexible and can be placed in any step after the lotion, it mainly depends on personal preference.

  Evening skincare routines are more complex and more focused on repair because they can determine the state of your skin the next day. The order of applying the face is also similar, make-up remover → cleansing → (exfoliating) → (mask) → lotion → essence → lotion/cream.

  The eye cream is also placed at any step after the lotion~, depending on individual skin care needs and habits. Correct exfoliation & mask application can make the skin moist and shiny, but we must pay attention to the frequency and usage because different skin types and age groups have different frequencies and usage methods of exfoliation & mask application!

Correct Skincare Steps

  Now that the basic skin care sequence is over, let me tell you about the specific skin care steps.
  1. Cleansing:

It is essential in the morning and evening. For morning cleansing, you can choose some mild and non-irritating amino acid facial cleansers, and for evening cleansing, you can choose some facial cleansers with stronger cleaning power. For dry or sensitive skin, just use water in the morning.

  2. Make-up water:

It is also a certain step in skin care in the morning and evening. The names of the products are all kinds of strange, toner, softening water, astringent water, soothing water, essence water... These waters are collectively called make-up water, with slightly different effects, such as whitening, moisturizing and moisturizing. Choose according to your skin type, dry skin is suitable for moisturizing, oily skin is very milky with refreshing water, and babies with sensitive skin should choose special products. The choice of evening lotion is more moisturizing than the morning.

  3. Essence:

The most cost-intensive skincare step. Essence has many effective active ingredients, and technical problems such as whitening, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, etc., must be aligned with the essence. A base lotion is not a substitute for a serum. If you are 20 years old and have fine lines, bags under the eyes, or a dull complexion and spots, you should pay more attention to your skincare. If you have no major problems with your skin, you can use a single-function moisturizing essence; if you have spots, quickly use a whitening and spot-relieving essence! It is good to choose the essence according to the skin type and skin problems, and it has nothing to do with age.

  4. Eye Cream:

The most prone to aging is the eyes. The skin around the eyes is thin and prone to wrinkles and aging. The eye cream can be selected according to the condition and needs of the skin around the eyes! Generally speaking: 18-24-year-old girls mainly focus on moisturizing and can buy moisturizing eye cream; 25-34-year-old women mainly focus on anti-aging, and can buy anti-aging eye cream for women aged 35-39 to repair For moisturizing and firming, you can buy a full-effect eye cream; for women over 40 who focus on wrinkle removal, you can buy a wrinkle-removing and firming eye cream.

  5. Lotion/cream:

Lock in moisture & essence. Water and essence mainly ensure the function of hydration and skin care. We also need to use lotion or cream to form a closed loop, so that moisture and expensive essence ingredients stay in the skin. Choose according to the skin type. For oily skin with strong oil secretion, it may be enough to choose a lotion, and for dry skin that needs moisturizing, it is more suitable to choose a thicker cream.

6. Sunscreen:

Apply all year round. If you want to reduce all kinds of skin problems, sunscreen is the first thing to do! As the last step of your morning skincare, it not only prevents tanning but also reduces the appearance of facial spots, as well as anti-aging!

7. Makeup remover:

As long as you make up, you must remove it. If you use a physical sunscreen with enhanced waterproofing, remember to remove your makeup too. Cleansing oil is suitable for sisters who often wear heavy makeup; makeup remover is suitable for sisters who wear light makeup, or partial eye and lip makeup removal; makeup remover and makeup remover gel are more suitable for girls with light makeup or sensitive skin; makeup remover is suitable for tired skin and frequent makeup. girl. Another thing to note is that if you have applied eye and lip makeup, you need to use an eye and lip makeup remover to remove the eye makeup and lip makeup!

8. Exfoliation:

A shortcut to getting pretty fast. Exfoliation can remove old dead cells and rough keratin from the skin, making the skin appear delicate and smooth; it can also remove the melanin covered on the surface of the skin, making the complexion whiter and more radiant. In addition, proper exfoliation can make skin care products absorb more effectively and achieve better results! The frequency of exfoliation is different for different skin types and ages: oily skin can be exfoliated once a week, and products with stronger effects can also be used; dry skin with thinner cuticles can exfoliate once every two weeks, and products that are more gentle. The horny layer of sensitive skin is too thin, so don't exfoliate!

9. Mask:

Applying the mask correctly can get twice the result with half the effort. Needless to say the importance of masks, but remember, do not use masks to replace daily maintenance, their functions are completely different! The mask also depends on your skin type. If the oil is still oily in winter and the oil is strong in summer, a refreshing and simple hydrating mask is more suitable; if the face is always oil-free and the skin is dry all year round, a nourishing mask with enough essence is more suitable~

  Skin care should be done step by step, not abruptly, otherwise, the skin will not be able to absorb the nutrients of the skin care products, and it will lead to excess skin. You can also choose a series of skin care products from the same brand, which can make nutrient absorption more scientific and effective.

  To maintain the skin, you should drink more water, eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits, participate in more outdoor activities to enhance your physique, and do a good job of sun protection at the same time.

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