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Hot Sale Neutriherbs Face Serum

Neutriherbs Vitamin C Serum
Wholesale MOQ 50pcs

*Antioxidant formula protects skin from environmental stressors

 *Lightens and brightens the complexion

*Fades sunspot and discoloration

*Hydrates and moisturizes skin

*Naturally lifts and firms

Neutriherbs Retinol Serum
Wholesale MOQ 50pcs

*Stimulates collagen for firmer, smoother skin

*Speeds up skin cell turnover

*Improves texture and tone for a smoother, softer, more radiant complexion

*Unclogs pores to clear up acne and prevent future breakout

Neutriherbs Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Wholesale MOQ 50pcs

*Plumps and hydrates dry and dull skin ·Assists in balancing skin moisture levels

*Fights against with free radicals, anti-aging

*Diminishes surface lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen

*Naturally lifting and firming sagging skin

Neutriherbs Niacinamide  Serum
Wholesale MOQ 50pcs

*Control excess facial oil, minimize the pores and prevent breakout

*Soothe skin, relieve redness, and fade acne marks

*Deliver steady hydration all-day

Neutriherbs AHA Serum
Wholesale MOQ 50pcs

*Help exfoliate

*Speed up your skin's metabolism 

*Help shrink pores

*Slow down melanin deposition

 *Soothethe skin

Neutriherbs Salicylic Acid Serum
Wholesale MOQ 50pcs

* Soothes and purifies skin

*Removes excess surface oil and minimizes shine

*Gently exfoliates pores

*Helps reduce the number of acne blemishes


We never use any parabens, sulfates, alcohol, phthalates, formaldehyde, triclosan, triclocarban, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, dyes – and the list goes on. We thought, what's the point of using so many amazing natural ingredients if you also include harmful toxins and common skin irritants.

We only choose the best manufacturers of raw materials such as BASF, IFF, Lubrizol, Degussa, SEPPIC and DSM. We are using the advanced technology from the global market to provide highest quality skincare products to the consumer.

We refine formula after formula with one goal: To provide gentle and effective skincare solutions.

Creating new products doesn’t happen overnight at Neutriherbs laboratory. It takes more than one year of testing and perfecting formulas down to the finest details. Everything we put out, we’ve given more than 100% into. We refine formula after formula with one goal: To provide gentle and effective skincare solutions.

At Neutriherbs, we believe in the gentle yet powerful energy of active natural ingredients as a major key to improving skin health for the best results.  With each plant offering unique skincare virtues, our laboratory verified the benefits of all of our active natural ingredients through thousands of experiments and utilized only the best and most potent into our formulas, excluding anything deemed superfluous or ineffective.

We use more than 100 natural ingredients in our formulas