FAQ- Neutriherbs Retinol Cream

1. How long can I see the result?
ANS: After use 28days, it will decrease your wrinkle and fine lines, moisturizing your skin. If keep using for a period, you will see a better result.

2. What is the capacity of your retinol cream?
ANS: It is 50ml each piece.

3. Should I apply during the morning or night?
ANS: It can be used both morning and night. If you use in the morning, SPF/Sunscreen is recommended after application as exposure to the sun may increase sensitivity.

4. Does this product contain SPF?
ANS: No, it does not.

5. If it suitable for all different skin types?
ANS: Yes, but we suggest that you can test on your hand before use on the face. Please review all ingredients for possible skin sensitivity/ allergies before use of the product.

6. What is the function?
ANS: Nourishing and moisturizing your skin, Anti-aging and Anti-wrinkle, shrink pores and anti-acne.

7. How does it work?
ANS: The main ingredient retinol of our cream can directly act on skin cells to repair the skin damaged cells, prevent fine lines, rough and dry and aging tracks, promote cells regeneration, and keep skin young persistently. And Apple stem cell boosts the production of the stem cells, protect the cell from stress and help decrease wrinkles.

8. Collagen cream and retinol cream, which one is better?
ANS: Actually, the main ingredients of them are different. Collagen cream contains collagen, Argireline and Matrixyl 3000, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while retinol cream is containing retinol, Green tea, Apple stem cell, supporting natural cell turnover to improve skin texture and tone, anti wrinkles, acne and revealing new skin with a youthful glow.

9. Can I use the retinol cream on my eyes?
ANS: The skin area around the eyes is more sensitive than the other areas, so we do not suggest using it directly on around the eyes. But you can take our Pro Eye gel, it is specially prepared for eyes.

10. What is the percentage of retinol in your cream?
ANS: As retinol is a sensitive ingredient, the percentage is classified. But we could assure you that the percentage is good for using and selling in EU and American Countries.

11. Why the retinol cream looks yellow, Can I change the color?
ANS: Because the raw material of retinol is in light yellow color. If you do not like this yellow color, we can assist you to make it lighter.

12. Can I use the collagen cream and retinol cream together?
ANS: Yes, if you want a better result and have these requires, you can use them together. The best way is to use the retinol cream at night, and use the collagen cream in the morning. The collagen cream helps with the protein supplement. And the retinol cream help with skin metabolism.

13. Your retinol cream’s smell is not good, why? Can I change?
ANS: The smell is actually the natural smell of the retinol and the apple stem cell, we do not add any parfume or Paraben. But if you want to change the smell, we can look into some natural ingredient to make the smell better. But the MOQ will be higher.

14. The retinol is it retinol palmitate or encapsulated retinol?
ANS: It is neither retinol palmitate nor encapsulated Retinol. It is Retinol/ Vitamin A, CAS.No. 68-26-8, you can check on it. Retinol can be absorbed through the skin, stimulate the growth of collagen, and effectively eliminate wrinkles, promote skin renewal, and maintain skin vitality. Good for used in eye cream and face moisturizer.

15. When I use your Retinol Cream, What problems should we pay attention to?
ANS: Using a high SPF sunscreen while using retinol cream, and avoid the longtime sun exposure. If you are having other treatments such as laser hair removal or skin peels, you should tell your therapist that you are using Retinol. And retinol cream certainly should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding because it can cause birth defects.

16. What is the function of the pump?
ANS: Push down and cream will dispense. The pump gives you the perfect amount of product to apply. It also keeps the whole jar cream free of germs. You don't have to dip your fingers in the jar.

17. Can I use this cream with other Neutriherbs products, like Neutriherbs Retinol serum?
ANS: Yes, You can use Retinol serum firs, then use our Retinol Cream.

18. Does this product test on animals?
ANS: It doesn’t test on animals.

19.How does the pump work?
ANS:Push down and cream will dispense, pump gives you the perfect amount of product to apply. It’s an airless bottle, so can also well keeps the product free of germs. You don't have to dip your fingers in the jar.

20. Why there is only half bottle when I open the jar?
ANS: This is the airless jar, when we pump the gel out, most of the gel will adhere to the lid and straw, so it will looks like only half bottle, but the real capacity is enough.