FAQ- Neutriherbs Superior Body Applicator

1. Why your superior body applicator look yellow, is it broken?
ANS: Our superior body applicator is containing lots of botanical herbal extract. One of is rheum officinal extract and it is yellow. So the applicator is looking yellow. It is a normal situation; you can rest assured to use. Avoiding drying on the clothes, we suggest you can wear deep color clothes when you use.

2. Why your superior body applicator has a strong smell, I don’t like it.
ANS: Our superior body applicator is containing lots of botanical herbal extract. One of is Panax ginseng, which you think the smell is bad. If you think it smells too strong to stand. You can wash the body so that can help to reduce the smell.

3. Why I can’t see the result when I use some pieces isn’t reward perfect body 45 minutes?
ANS: Thank to support our product. Our superior body applicator use course is one month. Different people have different cellulite, so need a different time. Some customer can see an effect on the use of 1-2 pieces, while some people need insist on one month. Most important to attend, when you use a superior body applicator, it will help you get rid of toxin and discharge excess water out of the body, and the eliminate cellulite. So please insist on using one month.

4. Why my skin allergy after using?
ANS: Our superior body applicator has register USA FDA and meets EU cosmetics standard, which means our product is safe and non-poisonous. Because our superior body applicator is containing lots of botanical herbal formula, different people may be an allergy to some ingredient. So we suggest, when you use it, cutting the patch of testing by your hand 30 minutes, if any uncomfortable, stopping to use.

5. Isn’t your superior body applicator size too small?
ANS: Thank to buy our product. The superior body applicator size is the standard model if you want to larger; you can use more one piece or one-half slices according to the certain part of the skin. But we suggest you use not more than 3 pieces at a time.

6. How many pieces can see a result? How long can see a result?
ANS: People use 3-4 pcs can see an effect, but different people different body, as per the degree of stubborn cellulite, different people need use different quantity and wait long or short time to see the result. Normally, people can see an obvious result after you use two boxes or 10piece.

7. Do I need additional Diet and physical activity??? To achieve good results???
ANS: It will be better than people can additional diet and physical activity.

8. Any certificate for body applicator? Clinical Test?
ANS: We have already done the in-house tests; you can check them for tests results. We have done the Intertek tests of EU, meet EU cosmetics standard and registered in the USA FDA, we sure that the product is safety; About the effect, we have already got many good feedbacks from our client; you also can test our applicator by yourself to see the result.

9. What is the side effect?
ANS: Our body applicator has done the clinical test, its safety, effective and mild for the skin. Moreover, our applicator ingredients are natural, not add Chili extract, it won’t let you feel hot and burning or any uncomfortable feeling, you can keep long time use.

10. What is the difference with body wrap?
ANS: Body wraps and body applicator are two different products. The main active ingredient of the body wrap is volcanic ash, and of body applicator, it is herbal extract. Their functions are similar, but the body applicator’s effect is better than body wrap's. Furthermore, the applicator is easier and more convenient in usage.

11. What tips do you recommend to achieve good results while using the body applicator?
a. Drink lots of water over the next 3 days
b. Regular diet, avoid alcohol
c. Use Defining Gel between wrappings
d. Massage the areas in a circle with remaining body contouring cream help absorbed by skin totally.

12. How long do the results last?
ANS: It depends. If you do them every three days the results will improve. It'd be good for a special event or to give you a boost of confidence with beginning a new exercise routine or diet change.

13. Do you have a cream for skin tighten and firming?
ANS: Yes, we have defining gel for skin tightening and firming; you can apply to define gel to targeted areas with the circular massage until completely absorbed.

14. How does the superior body applicator works?
ANS: The formula contains many natural and effective herbal ingredients, like the Caffeine, L-Carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Aloe-Emodin etc. With the cold sensation, the active ingredients better absorbed by the skin, works with fat cells, generate adipose decompose enzyme, fat burning rapidly, promote metabolism. Thereby, helps to expel out the toxins and other wastes deposition in the body with metabolism, reduce excess water in the body, enhance the skin elasticity, reach the effect of firming, tightening, tones, redefine your body contouring.

15. What’s the difference to it works?
ANS: We are different on the package, it works is 4pcs/box. Our package is 5pcs/box. What's more, the biggest difference is the formula of the cream. We improved our formula based on it works. Added the plant composite particles, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Caffeine, L-Carnitine, Aloe-Emodin etc, these are the famous and effective herbal ingredients in China. They are absorbed by the skin and works with fat cells, generate adipose decompose enzyme, fat burning rapidly, promote metabolism, reach the safe effect of firming, tightening, tones.

16. What’s the difference to the traditional way of weight loss?
Without having medicine, diet, exercise, though the active and effective herbal ingredients work with fat cells, generate adipose decompose enzyme, fat burning rapidly, promote metabolism, redefine a firming & tightening body. What’s more, the ingredients of Hyaluronic Acid, Ginseng Extract, helps reach the effect of moisturizing, anti-aging. The special formula works obviously and enduringly, without any side-effect.

17. What’s the difference to Korean Mymi?
ANS: Neutriherbs Superior Body Applicator: Is a non-woven cloth wrap infused with body contouring cream. Burning fat with a cold sensation, works obviously and enduringly, without any side-effect. Korean Mymi: The wrap material is similar to plaster stick, apply on the fat area directly. With a hot sensation.