Vitamin E Serum Vs. Vitamin C Serum:  what are the differences?

Vitamin E Serum Vs. Vitamin C Serum: what are the differences?

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Skincare makers manufacture products with different materials or ingredients, which is why skincare brands give different results. A good example is vitamin C serum and vitamin E serum. The two skincare products have different active ingredients to address special skin needs. There are many other skincare brands in the market and they help to prevent, treat, and maintain good skin. 


This skincare brand includes facial masks, scrubs, cleansers, face wash, toners, body scrubs, serums, moisturizers, etc. In this article, the focus is on serums produced with two popular and active effective for addressing various skin problems, vitamin c, and vitamin e. What is the difference between the two serum brands? Apart from the fact that the two serums are made with different vitamins, what other features, functions, or roles differentiate one from the other.


Vitamin E Serum vs Vitamin C Serum 


The role and functions vitamin E and vitamin C perform in skincare is what differentiates them from the other. Vitamin C serum brightens and moisturizes the skin, while vitamin E offers anti-aging and skin repair benefits. The C vitamin ingredient in the serum averts the development of free radicals. The acidic nature help to eliminate damaged skin cells from the upper skin layer. Another very vital thing about the C serums is that anyone regardless of their age can use the product.


On the other hand, the skincare brand vitamin E serum as the name implies it has vitamin E as its major ingredient. If you want younger-looking skin without blemishes, go for vitamin e serum. It helps to prevent sunburn-triggered inflammation and boost skin elasticity.


Vitamin C Serum?


This is popular and relevant skin health essential that many people use in their routines. Products like facial scrubs, sheet masks, cleansers, moisturizers, body wash, face wash, body scrubs, oils, and many more have vitamin c serum added into them. Additionally, you can use it to mix with other acids or ingredients without fear of reaction because it blends well with other products.




Vitamin E serum


This skincare product has vitamin E as its primary ingredient. A good number of skincare products are manufactured with vitamin e and like vitamin c, it's very popular and works marvelously in the skin. 


Advantages of using vitamin c serum

1. The two serums can be applied on almost all skin types

2. They hydrate the skin

3. Help to bring shine and brightness to the skin 

4. Calms skin redness

5. Eliminates hyperpigmentation

6. Even out skin tone

7. Boost collagen production

8. Firm up the skin


Advantage of using vitamin e serum

  1. It inhibits pimples
  2. It helps to prevent skin damages
  3. It gives a younger-looking skin
  4. It holds moisture in the skin
  5. The serum helps to bring down inflammation


Major differences between vitamin C and Vitamin E


*The difference between the two skincare products is their ingredient and functions. The first one has a serum that contains vitamin C, while the other serum contains vitamin e.


*As for their functions or benefits, read about their advantages above. Much has been said about their benefits/advantages already, what about their disadvantages. The serum has different disadvantages.


*Vitamin c serum disadvantage is the possibility of skin itching and redness. While the possible disadvantage of using vitamin E serum include the possibility of skin cell clogging and breakout of acne.


So far you have learned a thing or two about vitamin c serum and vitamin e serum. Remember to always perform a patch test before applying any skincare product.



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