The Spots Are There For A Reason

The Spots Are There For A Reason

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There are thousands of skin problems, and spots account for half of them, and many girls have pigmentation.

Pigmentation is similar to blackening, which is a change in the metabolism of melanin in the case of ultraviolet light or hormone levels and changes in the state of the skin. This leads to "increased melanin production", which slowly accumulates and causes pigmentation.

UV rays cause the accumulation of melanin, which is the basis for pigmentation. Therefore, almost all pigmentation is related to UV rays. Now let's analyze the main causes of the major pigmentation.

  1. Freckle Freckle

Freckles are only the size of a grain of rice or the size of a pinpoint and are mainly distributed on the cheeks, nose, neck, arms, and other places that are easily exposed to the sun. Freckles can be classified as congenital or acquired.

In addition to congenital freckles, they also like to grow on the skin of people who do not have sun protection habits. When the normal number of melanocytes in the body secrete an excessive amount of melanin, freckles will easily appear under exposure to ultraviolet rays, the number will increase and the color of the spots will get darker.

 Freckle Freckle

Therefore, no matter whether indoors or outdoors, you need to use sunscreen products all year round, together with whitening products to improve and help reduce pigment accumulation.

  1. Sunburn Spots

Sunburn spots are usually irregularly distributed and mainly grow on the cheeks! It is mainly caused by the increase of melanin pigment in the underlying skin layer.

As the name suggests, the most direct effect of sunburn is caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, which activates the tyrosinase enzyme in melanocytes and generates a series of reactions with the tyrosinase enzyme in the blood to produce a substance called "dopa", which is then transformed into melanin.

 Sunburn Spots

Therefore, sun protection is very important!

  1. Age Pigmentation

Age pigmentation is no longer the exclusive domain of the elderly! Nowadays, many young people also have age spots, mainly because their liver function is damaged, which causes age spots! Therefore, age spots are also called "liver spots", which can directly show whether a person's liver function is healthy and normal.

 Age Pigmentation

The appearance of age spots is also related to ultraviolet radiation, its color is mainly brown or black spots on the skin!

  1. Melasma Chloasma

Chloasma is generally light brown and flaky, and the size of the patches varies! It is irregular in shape and symmetrical on both cheeks, mostly caused by depression and depression, where fertility is an important factor leading to its growth! There is also a part because of the rebound of spots after using whitening products containing lead and mercury.

 Melasma Chloasma

The people who are prone to chloasma are women, especially during pregnancy, with irregular menstruation, or those with ovarian or uterine diseases, are the people with a high incidence of chloasma!

Of course, chloasma also grows on some men's faces, especially due to disease-like factors!


  1. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

The so-called inflammatory hyperpigmentation, girls can refer to the acne scars after acne, this is due to skin trauma and wounds, the wound in the healing process, melanocytes will produce excess melanin caused! And these pigments will deepen in color after ultraviolet radiation, forming visible spots!

 Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

In the process of regulating hyperpigmentation, we will take care of our skin with the help of some skin care products, where the ingredients of whitening and lightening pigmentation are the key to our selection of skin care products.

But what are the common whitening and blemish-lightening ingredients? Please see this article, 《 There Are Secrets To Powerful Spot Reduction

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