Recharge your skin routine with super anti-aging antioxidants

Recharge your skin routine with super anti-aging antioxidants

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No one fancies the idea of appearing old. But with a good antioxidant, we can all sign up for the idea of aging gracefully. If you are looking for that glow and youthful look that gives you confidence, look no further for anti-oxidants that have got you covered. Anti-oxidants are important in skin rejuvenation as they can penetrate the dermal layer of the skin, and oxidize the free radicals, thus creating new cells. Resultantly they help in slowing down aging.

How do antioxidants rejuvenate the skin?

The body creates free radicals naturally. Since the radicals are unstable, they look for others to bond with, hence triggering a reaction chain that may damage skin cells. Overproduction of these causes stress which leads to aging. Aging attacks when the free radicals on skin cells are damaged by reactions of cells. Their molecular reaction causes permanent molecular structure damage thus increasing the signs of aging such as wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Antioxidants come in handy as they prevent the bonding of these radicals by neutralizing them. Resultantly, the skin looks young and vibrant.

The duty of antioxidants in the body?

Antioxidants reverse the signs of aging: One of the most obvious advantages of these is that they correct the signs of aging. Oxidative stress breaks down collagen and hinders the skin's natural ways of repair. Resultantly, one may experience fine lines, acne, and blotted skin. Antioxidants work on the free radicals, rectify the visible signs of aging, and revitalize a youthful glow.

They help the skin to self-repair: Antioxidants fight inflammation, hence inadvertently assisting the skin to repair its damaged cells. It may also initiate collagen production which is pivotal in attaining a youthful look

They even out and brighten the skin tone: Inflammation of skin and exposure to the sun heighten the skin's melanin production. Resultantly, it ushers in dark spots and an unbalanced tone which deems the skin dull. Some antioxidants reverse this effect by inhibiting the enzymes that fuel melanin production.

What are some of the commonest antioxidants?

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is arguably the best antioxidant owing to its effectiveness and vast skin-related benefits. It not only boosts collagen manufacturing but also fades dark spots effectively. Dermatologists advise people to apply in the morning to counter sun damage and hyperpigmentation. 

Vitamin E

It is a very potent antioxidant that aids in the proper working of many organs, the skin not excluded. Due to its role in accelerating healing processes, it is significant in fixing damaged skin cells.


Niacinamide, dubbed as vitamin B3 is another potent antioxidant that works thoroughly on the tone and texture of the skin. With its capable anti-inflammatory properties, it fades wrinkles and ends hyperpigmentation. It is ideal for treating acne in all skin types.


Also known as vitamin A, Retinol boasts a powerful ability to slow down aging. Its ability to penetrate the skin helps it to boost collagen manufacturing and the renewal of cells. Besides, it leaves a soothing effect on the skin. You cannot go wrong with this gem.

Coenxymo Q10

This antioxidant fights the damage of free radicals thus comes in handy in keeping the skin healthy. It refines the texture of the skin.

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