How To Develop The Ideal Lip For Better Looking You: Lips care routine

How To Develop The Ideal Lip For Better Looking You: Lips care routine

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When caring for your face, do not ignore or neglect your lips. Failure to care for the lips will make it crack, chap, wrinkled, and generally unsightly. Imagine having chapped, wrinkled, and discolored lips on a smooth and supple face. The picture is ugly, and you must avoid it. The neglect of the lip is not the only reason it can become chapped; weather can also make it so. What should you do in this case?


The simple answer is lip care, but not any lip care, but one focused on protecting it from extreme heat, cold, and wind. Luckily, there are several ways to make your lip smooth, soft, fresh, and supple.


Caring for the lips


Unlike your facial and body skin, the skin covering the lips lacks sebaceous glands. It is a tiny glad that connect to follicles of your hair. These glands function primarily in producing oils that make your lips moisturized, and soft declared Nina Desai.


Because the lips lack an innate oil-producing capability, it tends to dryness that causes constant licking action. If you lick your lips, stop because you will worsen the dry condition. Instead of licking, always ensure the lip is constantly lubricated or oiled with jelly balm.


Apart from causing further dryness, lips-licking may cause yeast growth leading to sores, inflammation, or angular cheilitis. Add to using jelly balm regularly as moisturizers, also practice lip exfoliation several times per week. However, you don’t have to scrub your lips if they are healthy. Only those whose lips get dry regularly need gentle exfoliation to even out roughness and enable a uniform spread of lipsticks.


Daily lip care habit to follow


Exfoliation and hydration are the two active parts of lip care habits. It requires scrubbing the lips if it is usually dry, chapped, and cracked.


Lip hydration


When you experience lip dryness, apply lip balm with your fingertips and spread it liberally on your lips. If you stay outside often, use sunscreen products separately, only if the moisturizers do not contain sunscreen. To avoid spending more or buying separate sunscreen, buy moisturizers (lip balm with SPF 30) that already have one.


Repeat the application several times as long as you are outdoor. Dermatologist recommends applying lip hydrating products two-four times every day. If you have eczema or extreme lip dryness condition, use an extra dose.




Give your lips some love with Neutriherbs Vitamin E Lip Balm. This super moisturized balm is infused with Avocado Oil, Olive Oil and Beeswax to prevent water loss and soothe dry lips, making your lips softer. Meanwhile, high-quality Vitamin E can protect lips from the UV rays.

Helps to hydrate and enhance lip barrier
Nourishes your lips during the day and repairs at night
Silky texture, gentle and skin-friendly, fresh and non-greasy




    When you scrub your lip with the appropriate product, it will remove accumulated flaked and dry skin restoring the smoothness and softness of your lip. According to professionals, exfoliation should be done 1 to 2 times per week as a routine the night.


    Exfoliating procedures


    Scoop a small quantity of product with your fingertip and gently massage your lips in round movements for thirty seconds. After the massaging, leave it on for ten minutes to allow the oil to penetrate the lip. Wash it off with water and use a clean towel to dry it.


    After exfoliating, shield your lips with a balm to retain moisture and calm the lips. Apply sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 when spending time outdoors.


    Lip care is as important as face and body care. Failure to take care of your lips could make them dry, chapped, flaky, and discolored.



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