Now I Can Exfoliate in My Sleep

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    As you know, our skin has hundreds of thousands of dead cells in the outer surface. There is a natural process of removing those dead cells but it's a bit slow and needs proper diet and physical activities. Hormonal abnormality and vitamin deficiencies and a number of other things can actually slow down or stop this process. That means you are keeping dead cells on your skins, that would take away freshness and glow from your skin. Here comes the importance of exfoliation, the process of removing old skin cells with the help of a tool or skin related product.

    Naturally the first question comes into mind is, is it safe to exfoliate your skin? Are there any after effects? Definitely it’s safe. Nature has been doing it on a daily basis. Millions of dead skin cells would have been shed from your body till date and the whole process stays unnoticed. But our diet, our daily routine, makeup and too much skin products usage can actually slow down this process. And that’s an alarming situation. But with the help of a proper product or tool to exfoliate, you can keep the process intact again.

    AHA Serum is one of the best products to exfoliate. It can actually exfoliate in sleep. You can apply the serum before going to bed and leave the rest to the serum. It’s a natural product so you don’t need to worry about the side effects. Glycolic acid, lactic acid and citric acid are the main ingredients of this serum. And these ingredients are helpful in keeping your skin smooth, glowing and fresh. 

    A combination of AHA + BHA in AHA Serum keeps the exfoliate process mild, that would help in keeping your skin firm and smoother. Basically it’s a night serum. Using 2 to 3 times a week can give you the best results. It can shrink the pores and take away the horiness caused by the age factor. It also slows down the melanin deposit and speeds up the skin metabolism. All that helps you in keeping your skin young, beautiful and fresh. Bringing natural glow to your skin without damaging it.

    An exfoliating, hydrating serum can bring you the ultimate protection by helping in strengthening the skin moisture barrier. And AHA serum got all these abilities. You can also expect a brighter complexion and smoother texture.

    There are a few things you need to follow for the best effectiveness of this serum. First of all you should use SPF in the morning, particularly in daylight to keep your skin protected from the sunrays. Else you can’t expect the desired result. Apart from that you need to use it as per instructions. Over usage can be damaging and using below par can take away it’s effectiveness. And keep in mind you shouldn’t use it with Vitamin C, retinol or acid.

    So if you use AHA Serum properly, you can get the glowing, brighter and younger looking skin without much effort. As you are actually exfoliating in your sleep.

 AHA Serum For Exfoliating & Smoothing Skin 30ml

With a blend of glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, this night serum takes away the aged horniness, speed up skin's metabolism, shrink the look of pores and slow down melanin deposit to keep skin smooth bright, and charming. Furthermore, natural plant extracts- Calendula and Chamomile, powerful hydrating hyaluronic acid help to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier and soothe the skin. Only one step, make your skin significantly firm, soft, and restore elasticity.

AHA Serum Benefits:

▪Help exfoliate

▪Speed up your skin's metabolism

▪Help shrink pores

▪Slow down melanin deposition

▪Soothethe skin

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