How to close open pores on the face

How to close open pores on the face

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We have approximately 2 million pores in our skin whose objectives are to help perspiration and protect the fat necessary for skin hydration, among others. But what happens when these pores become clogged or infected? It is then that they acquire that unpleasant appearance that darkens areas of our skin and makes it rough in texture.


Do you want to know how to close open pores on the face? There are many reasons why the pores of the face can dilate, as we will see below. In general, the pores that open the most are those located on the nose, forehead, cheekbones and chin.


Genetic tendency: the size of the pores has to do with a genetic load. Some people have larger pores due to their seborrheic glands; that is, they have oilier skin. In this way, when your pores dilate, you can become more noticeable.


Hormonal condition: Hormonal imbalances can cause an increase in the oiliness of the skin. This is very common during the period of puberty and menopause, as they are times of notable hormonal imbalances.


Ageing of the skin: Over time, the skin loses its elasticity and tension, which causes many pores to open or be more easily perceived.


Dirt and impurities: This is surely the most common reason why the pores on the face become dilated and get an unpleasant appearance. It may be due to accumulated fat on the face, dead cells that are not well removed from the skin or dirt caused by pollution, among other causes.

Can open pores be closed?

Perspiration is one of the most important functions of the pores, you should know that, in reality, the pores cannot close completely, since it is most normal for them to be open. The pores allow our body to expel toxins through sweat, so the fact that they are open is essential for the proper functioning of our body.


However, when these pores are very dilated and swollen due to external causes, measures can be taken to soften the skin and return them to its natural appearance. So, when we talk about "closing pores" we're referring to softening their appearance, cleaning them and returning them to normal size.

How to close open pores on the face - Why do the pores on the face open


Tips to close the pores of the face

It is always recommended that in the presence of recurrent open pores you go to a specialist, in this case, a dermatologist, to confirm the causes of this condition. However, there are some measures to improve the appearance of pores that can be applied at home and that are very safe and effective. We explain how to remove swollen and dilated pores from the face.


Perform daily cleanings

Comply with a daily routine of facial cleansing in the morning and before bed. Use a good make-up remover toner, micellar water or neutral soap and always clean your face with cold water, as it is ideal for the pores to contract and deflate. It is not recommended to clean the face more than twice a day, as it could lose its natural fat and look dry.


After cleansing, always use a moisturising cream suitable for your skin type and, if you wish, some vitamin serums.


Exfoliate your face every 15 days

Exfoliating creams help remove dead skin cells and prevent them from building up in the pores. In addition, it gives your skin a smoother and softer appearance, so cleansing every 15 days with this type of product is most beneficial. Don't scrub too hard or use a very abrasive exfoliator, as this could further irritate your face.


Use moisturisers according to your skin type

It is important to know what your skin type is to use the right creams. Combination skin is not the same as oily skin, nor is dry skin the same as sensitive skin, so to be sure, we recommend you know your skin type.


If you are still not sure, we recommend that you visit a dermatologist for an evaluation, since using the wrong creams could contribute to generating more sebaceous secretion in your pores.


Apply purifying masks

There are several masks on the market that can help you cleanse your skin more deeply, in addition to moisturising it. One of the most popular is this Dead Sea mud face mask.


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