FAQ-Neutriherbs Carbonated Bubble Mask

1. Is it the bubble mask natural?
ANS: Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask Ingredients
There are many ingredients contained within the carbonated bubble clay mask. Volcanic soil, Bentonite, Aloe extracts, Hyaluronic Acid and etc all work together to benefit your skin. There are some natural ingredients in these products and a few standard chemical products that you find in most skin care products that are designed to preserve and provide the texture to the product.

2. I noticed that after opening and using this product, it starts to foam in the container, even when it's tightly sealed. Is this an issue?
ANS: When the clay is exposed to the air, it will come into being the bubbles. Because only a little air in the bottle and surface material will be exposed to air, which is no influence on the quality and effect.

3.How long should it use on my face?
ANS: Push down on the sides of the top to disperse product and apply a thin layer to slightly damp skin. The formula will gradually transform into gentle, fizzing bubbles. Allow mask to sit on the skin for about 5-10 minutes until bubbles begin to dissipate. Massage face with fingertips and wash with warm water to remove. Pat dry and follow with a moisturizer. Recommended usage is 1-3 times a week. Avoid eye contact

4. How often should you use this?
ANS: 1-3 times per week.

5. What is skin type this mask suitable for?
ANS: It is recommended to use for neutral (mixed skin) and oily skin. Dry skin needs to be used with moisturizing products after used it. We don’t suggest the sensitive skin to use it or should test it before using.

6. Does this bubble mask have any side effect? Why is my skin a little itchy?
ANS: We added natural raw material, such as volcano soil, Bentonite, Trehalose, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, etc. All these ingredients effectively clean your skin, while the carbonate bubble may slightly stimulate the skin, but there are no side-effects on your face. Because of the slight irritation of carbonic acid, if it’s fewer bubbles, then less stimulation on your skin, which is without any side effects.

7. How does it work?
ANS: This carbonated bubble clay mask is mainly made up of volcanic soil which is rich in trace mineral elements and contains carbonic acid, it will be resolved into CO2 and water under the influence of body temperature and air, strengthen the cleaning effect with the help of volcanic soil bubbles.

8. Do I need to wash makeup off first?
ANS: Yes, we recommend washing your makeup off first, after then, you can use the bubble clay mask. After simply cleaning and thoroughly dry with a towel, then using our bubble clay mask, best used at night.

9. How to store it? Do I store this in the refrigerator or shelf?
ANS: We suggest you store this at room temperature. Not too cold, either too hot. Please avoid direct sunlight, also keeping it at the place which children can not reach. Just make sure it's sealed tight after opening.

10. What are the main ingredients?
ANS: Volcanic Soil, Bentonite, Ethyl Perfluorobutyl Ether, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), etc.

11. What is bubble mask?
ANS: Packed with Clay, this innovated carbonated mask cleanses, exfoliates, and unclogs pores. It bubbles as it sloughs off dead skin cells and lifts pore-clogging dirt and sebum. Its powerful nutrients also replenish the skin, softening and smoothing for a youthful glow. Most interesting is it will blister on your face.

12. How many uses can you get out of one tube?
ANS: You can use sometimes once or twice a week. One tube for about 3 weeks.