Used So Much Skin Care Products, Why Color Stains Still Can't Go Off?

Used So Much Skin Care Products, Why Color Stains Still Can't Go Off?

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Used so much skincare products, why color stains still can't go off?

I don't know when it started, there were so many color stains on the clear skin. Skin care products are used a lot every day, but these stains have no sign of disappearance.

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Since we have to solve them, we must understand them first, so let's talk about how to differentiate the types of spots today.

There are three common stains: sunspotsfreckles, and chloasma.

The difference is as follows:

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Sunspots are often referred to as black spots, mostly caused by sunlight, usually under the eyes and cheekbones, mostly light brown.

The most effective way to prevent sunspots appears is the sunscreen, stop the "sleeping" melanoblasts awaken by sunshine 

In the selection of whitening essence, you can try a product containing vitamin C, clotting acid, nicotinamide and so on.

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The formation of freckles is closely related to heredity and usually occurs at an early age, usually on the sides of the nose and nose, and is dark brown.

To be honest, freckles can hardly be eradicated by skin care products alone. At this stage, the most effective way to eliminate freckles is Q-switch laser, picosecond laser, and other medical beauty means. Of course, after treating freckles with these methods, you still need daily sunscreen and whitening products to prevent the effect from bouncing back too quickly.
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The appearance of chloasma is mostly due to endocrine problems, this kind of color spots will be a more symmetrical distribution on the outside of both cheeks, so it is also called butterfly spot or liver spot.

For chloasma, the use of a whitening essence is effective, such as vitamin C, kojic acid, resorcinol and other ingredients products.

In addition, to tell you the cruel truth, taking vitamin C doesn't help much in whitening. When vitamin C is absorbed into the body, the skin gets very little, so if you want to whiten and freckle, It is recommended to use the whitening essence containing vitamin C.
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Vitamin C does have the ability, form a scientific standpoint, to help fight against color stains and actually rejuvenate your skin.

Comments: Neutriherbs Vitamin C Serum -  lightweight and absorbent texture, durable moisturizing power, and no sticky feeling.

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