Have habits with anti-aging powers for the skin

Have habits with anti-aging powers for the skin

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Eating right, exercising regularly, getting rest, maintaining a proper weight, and reducing stress are the keys to staying young. And no cream can make up for these habits.

If there is something that has brought humanity upside down throughout the history of civilizations, it is the fight against the passage of time.


It is our desire to endure that has driven this incessant search for eternal youth that in our times is reflected in advanced cosmetics and anti-aging treatments. However, apart from potions and procedures that promise miraculous effects, anti-aging medicine tells us that the reality is different: the key is in our day to day.

Mind your food intake

Experts warn that anti-aging care should start from the diet itself. A diet low in fat, sugar and salt, but rich in antioxidants will be the best recipe to put into practice on a daily basis to delay ageing.

Be careful with the calories

The caloric intake offered to the body depends on the age, sex, weight and physical activity of each person. For this reason, carrying out a caloric restriction without adequate medical control (as happens with miracle diets), can be harmful to health. Maintaining an adequate weight should be the goal of any person, as long as it is through a balanced diet. It has been shown that individuals with normal weights, with a normal body mass index (20-25), are longer-lived.

Sun protection all year

The sun is one of the one of the main contributors to skin ageing. Thus, the best way to prevent its harmful effects is to apply a sunscreen daily, also in winter, that has a minimum of factor 50 and reapplication, if possible, every 2 or 3 hours. In this way, we will avoid the damage caused by UV radiation .

More moments of relaxation daily

Whether it's doing meditation, yoga or taking a few moments to relax and escape from problems daily, it will always positively affect our health and our mental and emotional balance. And this will have its corresponding effects on the skin.

The restorative power of sleep

The skin and the nervous system are closely related , being the reflection of our physical, psychological and mental state. Therefore, sleeping well at night is positively reflected by reducing stress, anguish or fatigue. Sleep is a constructive process that readjusts our biological system with regenerative and stabilising functions.


Lack of sleep weakens the skin's natural ability to repair itself. During the night, the skin's repair mechanisms are more effective because our muscles relax and allow circulation to be more fluid and the skin to be better oxygenated.


Thus, free radicals are eliminated in greater quantity, new tissues and cells are repaired and created, cells reorganise their functions, damage caused during the day is repaired and balanced, it allows a correct complete hormonal cycle (melatonin is secreted, the hormone growth , leptin…), muscle contractions are eliminated at all levels including the skin.


Therefore, the quality of sleep impacts both the functioning and the ageing of the skin. "Lack of sleep weakens the skin's natural ability to repair itself.

Anti Aging skincare

Finally, it is likely that, from the outset, it is difficult for us to put into practice some of these habits, especially those related to nutrition and supplementation. To guide us in this sense, the best thing to do is to resort to special products in anti-aging skincare. They are the only ones capable of boosting these changes and improvements in a personalised way , that is, adapted to the needs, objectives and lifestyle of each one.


For this reason, to be successful in achieving our goal, it is important to have nutritional, cosmeceutical and/or emotional advice from experts to help us meet our goals and maintain them over time.


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