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Superior Shape Up Wrap


Slimming Shape Up Stomach Wrap (150cm*25.5cm) 

Neutriherbs Shape Up Body Wrap is used together with Neutriherbs Superior Body Applicator, it focuses the heat on the problematic body par and eliminates cellulite, and flushes out toxins with ease.


  • Perfectly fit for skin, breath freely
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Shape Up Wrap Size: 150cm*25.5cm
  • 100% environmentally friendly materials

How To Use
1. Choose a certain part of the skin where you will apply the Superior Body Applicator, wash, and dry thoroughly.
2. Open the envelope, unfold the applicator in it.
3. Apply the lotion side of the applicator to the skin, smooth out the applicator to ensure its good contact with skin.
4. Use Shape up Wrap to keep the Superior Body Applicator in place.
5. Wear the applicator for at least 45 minutes.
6. Remove the applicator and discard it, rub remaining lotion into skin.


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