Regarding Counterfeit NEUTRIHERBS Products

Recently, we have received customer feedback regarding the purchase of counterfeit NEUTRIHERBS brand products on certain platforms. We hereby declare that "NEUFORMULA" is not our brand products.


Here are some tips to help you identify genuine NEUTRIHERBS products:


1. Packaging Authenticity: Authentic NEUTRIHERBS products feature high-quality printing and clear branding. When encountering similar products and packaging, please verify if the brand name is indeed "NEUTRIHERBS".


2. Sealed Packaging: All our NEUTRIHERBS products come with shrink wrapping, whether sold to retail or wholesale customers. Please be cautious of incomplete packaging, as it may indicate counterfeit goods.


3. Verification of Authenticity: When purchasing products labeled as "NEUTRIHERBS", we recommend requesting proof of authenticity from the seller (such as purchase contracts, invoices issued by the seller, or NEUTRIHERBS brand authorization letters) to safeguard your legal rights. Exercise caution if the seller fails to provide such documentation, especially for customers in the Middle East countries like Iraq and Iran.


4. Authorized Distributors: Currently, we have exclusive authorized distributors in Tanzania, Nigeria, and Uganda. While we have various distributors globally, it is advisable to not only verify the "NEUTRIHERBS" brand label promptly but also compare product ingredients and other information on our official website before purchase. (Please note that due to specific reasons, our products are not currently sold in Senegal.)



We urge consumers to exercise caution and vigilance when making purchases, to diligently verify product authenticity, and to guard against fraudulent activities, thereby minimizing unnecessary losses and protecting their rights.


This declaration is issued on behalf of the NEUTRIHERBS TEAM.


May 14, 2024