All information you need to know about Gua Sha tools!

What are Gua Sha tools?

“Gua” means scrape and “Sha” means sand. Gua Sha is a kind of traditional Chinese natural therapy. Usually, a doctor will use different types of Gua Sha tools to scrap and rub on a patient’s body surface until redden. Changing smaller and more convenient, nowadays’ facial beauty Gua Sha tools are improved versions of the traditional Gua Sha tools which people can use the tools by themselves. So why people need Gua Sha? Why Gua Sha tools suddenly become popular?



Why people need Gua Sha tools?

In tradition Chinese Gua Sha therapies, Gua Sha treats for a cold, scapulohumeral periarthritis, or fatigued. However, if the Gua Sha tools are used in the beauty area, they can:

  • Lift skin and dispel fine lines
  • Accelerate metabolism and expel toxin
  • Active blood circulation and relax tightened muscles



Why there are no results after I used it?

Like other beauty therapies, the effects of Gua Sha are also suspected by many people. Just massage a stone on my face can reduce my wrinkles and even expel toxin? “Facial Gua Sha is a massage technique designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face, boost blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage to banish bloat,” says Dr. Solomon. Besides, if the method of massaging is not correct, the Gua Sha tools may seem useless. What’s more, there are a few matters that need attention:

  • Use Gua Sha tools after serums or creams

Directly using the Gua Sha tools makes you feel hurt, and the toxin cannot be expelled fluently.

  • DO NOT put Gua Sha tools into a refrigerator before using

Unlike jade rollers, Gua Sha tools need to warm your blood circulation in order to activate it. Thus, to get a better effect, do not put Gua Sha tools into a refrigerator.

  • Pregnant women are not recommended for use

The blood changing around the face may affect the baby, so pregnant women are not recommended for use.



How do I perform Gua Sha tools correctly?

  1. Clean your face and hands

After using a facial cleanser, apply toner on your face to keep moist and clean.

  1. Apply serum or cream you like

4 to 10 drops of serum are appropriate because you need the serum to cover your whole face and neck.

  1. Sweep up your neck on both sides

Especially the areas after your ears. Move the Gua Sha tool from ear-behind to collarbone. Lymph is around these places. Massaging these areas can help you to expel the toxin.

  1. Sweep under your chin

Use the little curve on the Gua Sha tool and sweep from chin to face-sides. This can create a perfect face shape for you.

  1. Sweep up your forehead

Sweep from browse to hairline. Muscles on your forehead can be relaxed and the wrinkles will dispel.

  1. Sweep over your cheekbones

Sweep from the middle of your face and then sweep out to the directions of your ears, which can relax your muscles.


Done! Now keep doing this twice a week! And you just need to wait for your perfect face shape and skin!